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Night drivers face a lot of challenges driving in the dark. The absence of light, the glaring lights from opposing vehicles and reckless drivers means you must be extra careful on the road. A good pair of night guide eyewear can increase your night vision, or at least blur the bright light displayed by oncoming vehicles.

Night guide glasses aren’t for people with night blindness alone. Any driver that experiences trouble driving at night can benefit from a pair of glasses.

How do they work?

Although they all do the same thing, these glasses work differently as the technology behind them are different.

Tinted glasses

Like your average sunglasses, these eyewear use tint to block and reflect oncoming light away from your eyes. But unlike daytime sunglasses, night guides are specially made to block artificial light. Most of them will have amber or yellow tint to reflect the similar colors produced by oncoming vehicles.

Polarized filter glasses

Polarized filter glasses are nowadays more popular than their tinted counterparts. The glasses use chemical films to absorb the light molecules from oncoming vehicles. Most of them are matched in the usual amber and yellow colors and are more effective than tint-based glasses.

While tinted glasses may be effective while cycling, they have often disappointed car drivers. They don’t reflect away enough night and may be helpless at times. By contrast, filter-based glasses are effective in blocking all sorts of artificial lights on the road. Whether it’s light from oncoming vehicles or from street lights, you are better protected driving with them.

Blocking glare

The most dangerous type of light at night is the light traveling horizontally toward you. You probably already know that. Light from street lights will rarely ever affect your driving. That’s because light from the street lights travels vertically to you.

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When driving at night, light emitted by other cars first hit your car’s hood before hitting your eyes in a horizontal manner. By the time the light hits your eyes, your vision is impaired and the risk of having an accident increases.

Night guide glasses block the glare, allowing only vertical light to come your way. Images will often appear darker with the eyewear, but not too dark to prevent you from driving. If anything, the guides protect your eyes by reducing strain and harmful UV ray during the day.

Who needs night guide eyewear?

If you are able to drive at night without being affected by light glares, count yourself lucky. However, some people find it difficult without these glasses.

You experience night blindness

When you can’t read street signs at night and oncoming lights blur your vision, you probably need eyewear. Visit a doctor if you suspect your problem is serious but start off by using protective night glasses. If your windshield is clean, the glasses should help you block glare at night.

If you have cataracts or any other eye-related illnesses, visiting a doctor is the best decision. Cataracts clog your vision so that everything looks blurred to you. The problem worsens at night and can get extreme when glare is involved.

Eye fatigue at night

Glaring at the lights and struggling to see through the dark strains your eyes. They are forced to work harder than during the day. The risk of accidents increases the longer you drive at night because your pupils shrink more, allowing less light to penetrate your eyes.

You can prevent eye strain when it happens to you. If you don’t have protective glasses, you may take a break from driving or slow down your speed. With the best night guide HD glasses, the eye strain problem is prevented.

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You wear sun glasses a lot

Wearing sunglasses weakens your natural eyesight. Surprised? Medically prescribed glasses often have no harm to your eyes but sunglasses do. They may protect you from harmful UV rays but in the long run, they can have a negative impact on your eyesight.

If you are fond of wearing sunglasses, you will probably struggle with night vision more than people who don’t. Your eyes are not used to sharp light, which affects how different parts of your eyes work. As many studies have revealed, sunglasses aren’t bad and don’t always affects your eyesight. But if you constantly have to wear sunglasses because of your sensitive eyes, consider buying night guides as well.

Choosing Proper Night Guide Eyewear

Without proper knowledge about night guides, they will all look the same to you. Frankly speaking, most of the glasses have the amber color on their glasses. They have frames like medically prescribed glasses and cost almost the same. Here are features to look out for when buying the glasses.

  • Polarized Filters

Not all night guide glasses are made using polarized filters. Some simply have yellow taint and nothing more. Polarized filters block the horizontal lights that are most dangerous when driving at night. They are even more effective during bad weather conditions because there are more distractors.

  • Durability

While they are not overly expensive, you want your eyewear to last as long as possible. The best glasses have frames made from stainless steel but lightweight for comfort. The lenses are usually plastic made or glass made but strong enough to withstand accidental falls.

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Having high optical lenses offers more than just durability. They reduce strain on your eyes. They are more effective in blocking UV rays and will often block harmful rays better. Of course, they must contain the proper anti-reflective materials to work well.

  • Right Amount of Tint

In addition to having polarized filters, the lens should have enough tint to block all unwanted waves of light. You can usually measure that based on the width and length of the lens as well as viewing the lens. Shallow tint will usually mean the glasses won’t block all the glare you encounter at night.

To Conclude

Driving at night is a nightmare for millions of drivers around the world. If you are one of them, consider buying high optical night guide glasses. The best eyewear contains tint and anti-reflective chemicals meant to block glare at night. They are affordable and have been proven to work.

Shop around for the best glasses by comparing their features, durability, and prices before settling on the proper product.

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Night drivers face a lot of challenges driving in the dark. The absence of light, the glaring lights from opposing vehicles and reckless drivers means you must be extra careful on the road. A good pair of night guide eyewear can increase your night vision, or at least blur...