US MIDTERM ELECTIONS: Voters divided on Trump and country’s direction, according to Reuters-Ipsos poll

U.S. voters were deeply divided about Republican President Donald Trump’s job performance and the direction of the country as they cast ballots in Tuesday’s congressional midterm elections, according to the Reuters/Ipsos Election Day poll.

After some voting locations closed on the East Coast but before every vote was counted, early poll results found that about half of those who voted believed the country was on the “wrong track,” and four in 10 said it was headed in the “right direction.”

A slightly larger number of voters disapproved of Trump’s job performance, compared with about four in 10 who approved, the poll found.

The poll, conducted online on Tuesday, was based on responses from 36,740 people who voted in 37 states. The poll is ongoing and will be updated as people continue to vote.

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