Becoming a Successful Yahoo Boy in Nigeria

The question of how to start a yahoo boy career is a popular one that hundreds of people search each day all over the world.

Why will anyone ask a dumb question like…

“How to start a yahoo boy career”

“How to become a yahoo boy without a laptop”

“How to start a yahoo boy career without a laptop”

It is very clear that they want to make money BUT they were wrongly Informed.


I went to school in an environment where people don’t see any wrong in this, in fact, they tend to look down on those who are not into the Yahoo boy career.

What to know about this post How to start a yahoo boy career.


In Nigeria, today SAS (Special Antirobbry Squad) are fully active when it comes to yahoo boy hunting.

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Daily SARS and Yahoo boy must have an encounter and it is always not a good one.

Though most SARS are corrupt some are still good and in line with their job teams. In any meeting of SAS and Yahoo boy, the below is likely to happen.

Corrupt SARS and Yahoo Boy.


If a corrupt SARS arrest a Yahoo boy they will take the Yahoo boy ATM card and take him to the nearest ATM stand and they will collect all the money in the account.

Here you will lose all you have in your account as a yahoo boy. they will also take you to your place to search your house to see what they can pick from you. you might lose more.

SARS and Yahoo boy.

When a SARS that is not corrupt to arrest a yahoo boy, he takes the Yahoo boy up for persecution. no forgiveness, your account will be blocked and your properties will be held by the security officials.


so, you see it is the same a corrupt SARS and a yahoo boy and a Good SARS and a Yahoo boy have almost the same end. you will lose your years of hustle.

Why run a search like How to start a yahoo boy career and not how to make my first million in a year…

I envy Yahoo boys! REASON Because they are persistence and consistency that was the same factor that built up Amazon, Google, Facebook and much more.

Life is not easy we all know but at least you have to start something small anyhow and with consistency, you will make it out a success.

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I got a picture of where Amazon, Google, Apple and some others started. those multi-billion dollars companies started very small and made their way up.

I really believe that one could be making it as an entrepreneur rather than crawling the web looking for How to start a yahoo boy career.

If you have a dream go for it to be persistent and don’t forget to be consistent, then you will see the only possible result which is a success.

A lot of working ways to start up a business and make real money are in this blog just navigate to know that which suite you best.

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