Akinjo Attributes Winning Ticket to God’s Grace, People’s Support

Akinjo Attributes Winning Ticket to God’s Grace, People’s Support

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The long awaited People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives Congress has come and gone. I was humbly returned as the candidate of our great Party for the 2019 House of Representatives Election.
To God alone be the glory!

The party has through the actions and inactions of the delegates and non-delegates alike reflected internal democracy in full action. The transparency of the process cannot but be mentioned because it signifies new thinking, new concept and new philosophy of a revamped political party.

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I therefore want to place it on record my profound appreciation to all the critical stakeholders of our great party. I specially appreciate those who voted for us. To those who voted otherwise, I respect their choices and thank specially them for making the process truly democratic. We are all winners!

I equally appreciate the conduct and vigilance of the PDP Electoral Committee, the role of INEC as an observer, the security role of the Police force, the SSS, the Nigerian Navy, the Civil Defence Corps and all other paramilitary organisations.

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My very special recognition and respect goes to the duo of Hon.(Barr) Benson Amuwa and Hon.Festus Dabo, who inspired a healthy political competition and assisted in igniting the fire and the hope of our party. History will forever be kind to them for their exemplary show of maturity and sportsmanship. 

It is incumbent on us to mention that another golden opportunity is now created to help redirect a pragmatic roadmap towards addressing the multifaceted challenges facing the Federal Constituency. We have refused to be intimidated by the lacklustre performances of the present government and fully mobilized to champion a constructive opposition needed to trigger the desired change.

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We have resolved not to take the path of dishonour but to navigate the murky political terrain with honour, dignity and respect while sustaining the compass of our progressive future on the philosophy of humanism and Iraye(Human).

Thank you. God bless.


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